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The Walking Dead

I know I should be in LOVE with this show..but.. im not. It’s a bit irritating actually. Maybe if I sit down and watch more of it.

The main guy is cool but everyone else in the show seems to have faces you forget in a heartbeat. Especially his wife and kid.. they’ve got the most easy to forget faces of all!!

Nothing is dragging me in to this show. I can’t remember anyone’s name, nor their significance and really couldn’t care a sideways shit about any of them.

Also, at the start, if he was in a coma at a deserted hospital, noone would have been feeding him and he would have died!

Beh… I will give it another chance I guess.. but for now.. Good night.


I am eating steak and beans. Im sitting next to my baby and bestie watching the first ep of The Walking Dead…. lifes fucking sweet.

Fuck yes……

Fuck yes……

Thank YOU, serving suggestion!
I know that is a lie, no one would ever end the waterfalls dance routine with a backflip.
Oh my god. That’s so salty
  • I feel really gross when I accidentally whistle…. 
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